Fresh Fruit Salad with Yogurt


Assorted fresh fruits (such as strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, oranges, etc.)

Plain yogurt

Honey or maple syrup (optional)

Fresh mint leaves (optional, for garnish)


Wash and prepare the fresh fruits. Peel, slice, and dice them as needed.

In a bowl, add the plain yogurt. You can adjust the amount based on how much fruit you have and your preference for yogurt-to-fruit ratio.

If desired, drizzle some honey or maple syrup into the yogurt and stir to sweeten it.

Add the prepared fresh fruits to the bowl with the yogurt.

Gently toss the fruits and yogurt together to ensure even distribution.

Once everything is combined, you can garnish the salad with fresh mint leaves for added flavor and visual appeal.

Serve the fresh fruit salad with yogurt immediately, or you can refrigerate it for a short while before serving to chill it.

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