How To Download Android Apps For PC In 2021?

The number of software we need for Android are, I guess infinity. And not are those programs user friendly and decorative pleasing however are so effective and efficient they’ve become an essential component of our everyday operation. And this is only one of the chief reasons why we would like to run the very same software running on our PC, so we could sync the information of this program and wouldn’t need our telephone and become procrastinating while functioning.

While some or the majority of these programs have another version for Windows OS to get effortless access on PCs but then again you can find rather a great deal of programs that wouldn’t operate on PC directly. So here we’re backing you up with some tried and tested methods to find those all programs running in your PC too.

There are a number of different programs that are readily available to download for PC through third party sites. You want to understand which one is dependable and that is fake.

Ways to Download Android Apps on PC

Official Method

This manner is really basic and frequent among only everybody. The programs that are popular and common will probably possess APKs on chrome however for either rare or milder programs the APKs are largely not accessible or are imitation that will expose the odds of virus within your apparatus and is normally not wise. You simply need to stop by the official site of this program and you’ll obtain the individual connection.

Android Emulator

Here really is the most used and reliable method to conduct most of android software on Windows at no cost. And there are a range of Android Emulators present online that you are able to get for freehand many of these won’t even request that you earn an accounts or something.

If if you’re wondering what exactly are android emulators afterward, android emulators are the programs which are made to copy Android OS attributes to your PC.

The procedure to get an android emulator on your PC is rather easy as you only need to download the .EXE and install it.

A number of the popular and effective Android Emulators are –

  • BlueStacks – undoubtedly the most talked about Android Emulator that works with almost any Window hardware
  • Gameloop – as the title imply, mostly employed by players for gaming software and is the quickest certainly
  • LDPlayer – the most recent one from the listing and famous among players
  • MEmu Play – a more favorite and featureful Choice to Select
  • Nox Player – a great deal of attributes than just gaming and can be quite simple to utilize
  • Genymotion – great for developers to Check their program for cross platform functionality

The 1 point which may tag this manner as ineffective is these emulators don’t work on newest android versions. In case you experience an android version Android or previous 9.0 then you’re fine to go, however in case your android is over that then you may not have the ability to work with this.

Mirror Your Phone

The most recent feature of Windows is that you are able to mirror your Telephone in your Windows easily via the feature referred to as”Your Telephone”.

  • Download’Your Own Phone Companion’ program in your individual android
  • Then follow the directions it asks to perform on your PC along with your android
  • And that’s it.

All you do there’ll be observable in your PC and you’ll be able to get your own Android programs directly in the PC too.

This procedure is a clean and easy way to get your task done without even scratching your mind downloading and setting up the numerous softwares here and there.

However one thing to notice is the fact that it functions averagely, if you’re seeking only a fundamental solution that this will fit just fine, however in the event of gambling and continuous work it can lag as well as the images can interrupt at time.

The APK Downloader

Another excellent choice to refer would be”that the apk downloader”. This is a chrome extension which assists installing and downloading apk files to clocks on your PC. The actions involved to begin are listed below –

Open the chrome browser and then proceed to chrome extensions website

As Soon as You are done , now go to your desktop and click on the Google Chrome shortcut likely present there(or where you May Have stored it)

  • Click properties button
  • Click OK/Apply whatever is current there.
  • Now shut the chrome program and reopen it
  • Now fill the details from the Extension’s alternative page
  • And that’s it. Now go and get the drama shop and download the software you need with the support of this APK Downloader.

There are remarks that this expansion has ceased working on some versions or devices of Chrome, so check whether it works good on your computer. In case you have old versions of Chrome then increases the odds of the way to get the job done.


These would be the very deep and frequent ways adopted by people and individuals at large to conduct their favorite Android programs on their PC hasslefree. You must always attempt to adhere to the official variant of the programs designed especially for the Windows OS, however in the event you must work with an program not using the official version for Windows OS, you can go via the manners suggested and clarified in the article previously.

Even though these are secure manners, be certain that you keep your own Antivirus working when downloading any APK or join via an untrusted website so you don’t wind up losing your entire information simply to get 1 program.

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