How To Make Google Chrome Fast 11 Ways In 2021

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How To Make Google Chrome Fast 11 Ways In 2021
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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and a constant companion for most of us. It is a very reliable platform and an essential tool for a lot of people. But Google Chrome has a habit of consuming a lot of RAM, which could sometimes lead to sluggishness and slow performance.

The most probable reason for Chrome’s slow and sluggish behavior could be browser cache, history, extensions, plug-ins, temporary Internet files, and various other reasons.

Prolonged usage of the browser also makes it slow and unresponsive in a few cases. It is essential to turn your attention to these issues and see how you can speed things up.

How To Boost Google Chrome Speed

Make Google Chrome Fast

We can enhance Chrome’s speed and user experience by using simple tips that will make the browser work faster, better, and more efficiently. In this article, we will be covering a few of the basic and advanced options and tips that will help you make Google Chrome work faster.

You can improve the speed of Google Chrome quickly by just following these simple tips. These tips will also help you in reducing the amount of RAM Chrome consumes.

#1. Remove unwanted Extensions

Though Google Chrome Extensions are helpful and provide notifications and information about pages, they also degrade Chrome’s performance as they consume many resources. Having a lot of extensions can make them pile up, causing the sluggish behavior of Chrome.

You can either remove or disable the extensions you do not use from the browser to speed it up. To remove or disable a specific extension from the browser, right-click on the extension icon and select the suitable option.

#2. Disable Plug-ins

Google Chrome comes with specific default plug-ins such as Java, Silver light, Flash, and a few more. These kinds of plug-ins are unnecessary, consume a lot of resources, and become the reason for the sluggish behavior of the browser. You can disable the plug-ins that are not in use and enable them only when they are needed.

To disable plug-ins, type “Chrome://plugins/” in your browser, and you will find a list of all the plug-ins installed on the browser. You can choose to disable the unnecessary plug-ins from here.

#3. Method of Clearing Browsing Data 

The primary purpose of the cache feature is to speed up the browser by storing all the essential data so that they will not have to be downloaded every time you use the same content. But not clearing the cache for a long time accumulates massive data and results in the slow down of the browser. It is advised to clear your browsing data and cache at regular intervals.

Press “Ctrl+H” in your browser to precise browsing data, and a new history tab will open. A popup with “Clear browsing data” will appear, and you can check whatever options suit you best and delete the rest of the data. Deleting the data from the beginning of time is advised to free up a lot of space and make Chrome faster.

#4. Update Google Chrome To Boost its Speed

Always make sure that you are using the updated version of Google Chrome. Keep a check for the latest updates regularly and install all the updates from time to time.

These updates from Google Chrome help you exceptionally offer enhanced performance and security and fix a few bugs. Chrome works faster when it is on the latest version.

#5. Use Power-up Extension To Speed Google Chrome

While having a lot of extensions slows down the browser’s performance, there are a few extensions that help speed up your browser. Adding these extensions to your browser helps in enhancing the speed of the browser.

Just go to the “Chrome Web Store” and look for extensions like “Adblock Plus”, “Data saver”, and a couple of third-party extensions that help in improving the speed of Google Chrome.

#6. To speed up Google Chrome Close Tabs

Keeping a lot of tabs open on your browser eats up a lot of resources. The number of tabs that are open at a time has an impact on the browser’s performance. Hence it is advised to close any tab that is not in use or you are done browsing through it. Closing the tabs helps in freeing up some space that other tabs can use.

#7. Method of Data Saver Extension

If the sluggish behavior of your browser is due to a poor Internet connection, you can improve the bandwidth of the browser by installing the extension named “Data Saver”.

This extension helps compress and optimize the web pages before they are served to you on your browser.

#8. Prefetch Resource Option

The prefetch resource option of Google Chrome works by noting the IP addresses of pages you visit often. It then caches the resources of all the linked pages that you might visit and helps in loading all of the linked pages much quicker. This feature works very well and helps a lot in making Google Chrome work faster.

The Prefetch resource option is available in the Settings menu under the “Show Advanced Setting”.

#9. Run the Clean-up Tool

If none of the above tips helps you make Google Chrome work faster, and you still have some issues, you can download the “Chrome Clean-up tool” and run it on your browser. This tool will scan all the suspicious programs that can cause sluggishness and will remove all of them.

#10. Run The Default Theme

Google Chrome also consumes a lot of RAM if you change the theme and customize the settings. While this can make your browser look good, it also eats up resources. If you want your browser to work in the speediest way possible, then make sure to run Google Chrome on the default theme.

#11. Check for Malware To Boost The Speed Of Google Chrome

Scan your browser for any Malware. Many spy wares on your browser can cause sluggishness and instability to your browser, which affects the speed and security of the browser. Consider running an anti-malware on your browser at regular intervals.

Wrapping It Up

So these were a few of the basic and advanced options that you can perform on your browser to make it work faster. After performing one or more of these tips on the Google Chrome browser, I am sure that the browser’s speed will be enhanced, and the sluggishness will be removed.

In addition to these, another thing you can do is to learn how to control the browser using shortcut keys. There are several keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome that will help you in working faster on the browser. Also, you can make use of Google Chrome’s “Task Manager”, which will help you manage the tabs and tasks.

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