PUBG MOBILE MOD APK 1.5.0 (Unlimited UC)

We are sure you must have played the game PUBG Mobile Mod Apk at least once in your life, or you must have at least heard about the game hundreds of times. No one doesn’t know about the game, as this game has fans worldwide.

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly the most famous and most played game in the whole world. People from different countries are obsessed with this game. When they play the game, they get completely immersed in it and stop worrying about their life problems for a significant amount of time. This game has become one of the best stress-busters for many people. All credits go to the developers of PUBG, who incorporated such amazing and attractive features in the game!

Today, we have some good news for you. In this article, we will tell you about PUBG Mobile Mod APK. You can download this Mod APK on your mobile phone and play it very easily. If you wonder what PUBG Mod APK is, it is simply the cracked version of the original PUBG game application.

If you want to download the latest version of PUBG Mod APK free of cost, you are at the right place! You might know that PUBG v1.5.0 has started working as the Battleground Mobile India game has been launched. You can download the game without spending a single penny on the latest version.

There are hundreds of new features, and a variety of features have been unlocked in the PUBG Mod APK compared to the original app.

PUBG is an online game that became very popular in the entire world within a very short period after it was launched. Users can play the game with their friends by making the team on the app. This feature helps people stay connected and helps them have a sense of belonging with their loved ones. Users can play the game whenever they wish to or whenever they want to defeat their boredom.

You must have a whole lot of expectations from this game by now. We will surely fulfill all of those expectations! We have attached a link below through which you can download the PUBG Mobile Mod APK 2021. You have to click on the “File” App, and it will get downloaded on your smartphone for free.

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What Is PUBG Mobile Apk?

PUBG Mod Apk

PUBG Mobile APK is ruling the world right now! Even small kids know about the game and its features; everyone has developed a great curiosity to play the game. The total number of people who have downloaded the game is more than 100 million! Yes, you read it right! It is more than 100 million! Sounds unbelievable.

The game is available on Android as well as iOS smartphones. Not only that, but the game can also be played by downloading it on your laptop or desktop. However, the game is widely played on smartphones rather than on laptops or desktops.

Download The PUBG Game from the Google Play Store instantly. But, here we have the PUBG Hack APK version for you, so you will not find it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can download the APK version from the link given below for free.

PUBG stands for Player Anonymous Battlegrounds. It is an online computer and mobile game launched in 2017. This game has won millions of hearts by providing premium game satisfaction to its users. In the beginning, it was launched for Microsoft Windows, and later, it was also launched on Android and iOS devices.

The game was made by Blue Hole( a company that creates Korean video games). Tencent Games then developed it. Tencent Mobile later teamed up with Light Speed and Quantum Studio.

What Is PUBG MOD Apk?

PUBG Mod APK is an online action game, which can be downloaded and played on Android, iOS, laptops, and desktops.

Player Unknown Battleground means a battleground with unknown players where unknown players have to battle against one another to win the game. It is a kind of war. If they win the fight, they are declared the winner of the game.

PUBG has premium features like high-quality graphics, good sound quality, several guns, weapons to kill enemies, cars, bikes, etc.

PUBG Mod APK has been in the headlines for a very long time due to the eagerness of the youth to play this game and the topmost game quality. You can play this game by making a group with your friends and family, and you have to battle against enemies on the battlefield.

When you enter the game, you land on a battleground, and then you have to collect guns, bullets, and weapons which you will use to kill your enemies when you see them. Doing this will help you to win the game. And once you win the game, you also get an opportunity to have an amazing chicken dinner!

With PUBG Mobile Mod APK, you get a chance to get unlimited money and health, complete UC, and other extraordinary features. You can unlock all the premium features with the Mod APK. A link to download the app is given below.

PGT+????: Pro GFX & Optimizer

PGT+: Pro GFX & Optimizer Apk

If you are facing a lagging issue with PUBG and its irritating you while playing don’t worry with the help of GFX Tool you won’t face this 😉 .

Difference between PUBG Mobile APK and PUBG Mod APK

People often get confused about the difference between PUBG APK and PUBG Mod APK since they do not know much about MOD applications. So, here we will explain to you the difference between these two.


When we talk about PUBG mobile, the users can use only some of the features available on the app. If you get shot by an enemy while fighting, you get one chance to be healthy again and use a medical kit. You can also ask your friend to revive you. As soon as you revive, your health will be fine, and you can get back to fighting once again.


PUBG Mod APK is a cracked version of the PUBG game. It contains all the high-end features like a complete health kit, UC, and money. All of these get unlocked at zero cost! You also get a chance to have chicken dinner if you win the game.

Features of PUBG MOD Apk

The PUBG Mod APK has a wide variety of premium features that attract thousands of people to download it. We have discussed some of the features below for your reference: 

Unlimited Unknown Cash (UC)

Pubg Mobile UC

You get unlimited money, a health kit, and UC in the modded version of the game, using which you can save your enemies without spending any money.

Free Download

Free Download

You can download PUBG Mod APK without making any payment. Also, all the premium features get unlocked free of cost. If you use the original app, you would know all the high-end features come at huge prices.

Unlimited Battle Pass

battle pass Pubg Mod Apk

PUBG Mobile MOD Apk provides you with a Battle Pass having no time limit. That means your battle pass would never expire, and you can make use of the feature as many times as you want. You can purchase as many with the unlimited UC’s granted by this MOD.

What else do you want when your dream of owning a battle pass comes true, without spending your hard-earned money? 

Unlimited Battle Points

battle ponits

Battle Points are the spendable in-game currency you gain as you play various matches, like Battle Royale, multiplayer, and other modes. In the original app, you get battle points as per the number of kills you score. You can buy new player skins, styles, and crates with these.

Yet in PUBG Mobile MOD Apk, you get unlimited battle points so that you can get a fulfilled experience of the game, without the troubles of playing to earn these points.


Automatic Aiming

This feature helps the player to kill the enemies quickly without finishing their ammunition. The Aim feature automatically shoots the enemies by itself, and due to this, you don’t need to focus much to kill the enemies.


who's behind the wall PUBG

With this feature in the Mod version, you can see the enemies hiding behind the wall and take advantage of this information. You can go ahead and shoot them quickly.

Realistic Weapons

Realistic Weapons

You can buy and collect guns, bikes, bullets, cars, boats, etc., to fight enemies. All these things would seem real to you, as if you are playing the game in real life.

Skins Unlocked

Pubg Skin Unlocked

The PUBG Mobile MOD Apk provides you with all the weapon customization skins, and new player skins and costumes unlocked for free. You won’t need to spend anything  when you are getting all weapons and game items unlocked!


Pubg Anti Ban

The PUBG Mobile MOD Apk has the Anti-Ban feature present in its in-game files, which prevents you from being detected by the in-app servers, leave aside getting banned from the game. No worries, you can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted multiplayer battle Royale with ease and without any detection!

No Root Access Is Required

No Root

You don’t have to root your phone to download the modded version of the game. You can enjoy the PUBG Mod APK without rooting your phone.

Other features Of PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

  1. Unlock all skins
  2. Rapid fire-rate ability
  3. No Recoiling of guns
  4. Fog and grass removed
  5. Safe and working
  6. Easy to use
  7. Compatible with all android and iOS versions
  8. No rooting required

How To Install PUBG Mod Apk On Your Android Device?

It Won’t you find the PUBG Mod APK on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, so use the link given on this website to download the same. You need to follow the easy steps given below by us.

  1. First You have to install the PUBG Mod APK on your device using the link given above.
  2. Before downloading the modded version, uninstall the original PUBG app from your device,You can locate the APK in the download folder on your phone. You have to click on the file and install it on your device to play the game.
  3. Ensure that you have enabled the “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources” option from the settings. How To Install PUBG Mod Apk
  4. The download starts without further delay; show your skills by firing towards Pochinki!

How To Install OBB File On PUBG?

  • Before Installing The PUBG Apk file, you need to download The OBB file ““.
  • Now Move the OBB file to > Android > data (folder) create a folder named “com.tencent.ig” move the files there.
  • After moving all the OBB File install the Apk file now, and enjoy the Game!

How to Download PUBG Mod Apk on PC?

The PUBG MOD Apk can be played on the PC also. You can easily download the PUBG mod Apk pc version by the given steps below.

You can easily download the game on your Windows PC. Download by Clicking On; it’ll show you in the left corner or go to your Downloads section and install. Congratulations, your game is successfully installed; it’s that simple!

You may download the PUBG Emulator software for PC or play the game using Bluestacks.


1.Classic Mode

In this mode, you land on an island with 100 players with whom you will have to fight. The last person to survive will be the winner of the game.

There are three maps in this mode: 

1. Erangel: There are a lot of shrubs and trees in this location.

2. Sanhok: You will land in a small yet dangerous forest.

3. Vikenda: This location is icy and covered with snow.

2. Arcade Mode

This mode is a training match with the help of improving your gaming skills.

There are four types of modes in the Arcade Mode

War: You land using parachutes. You earn 3 points for killing an enemy and 1 point for reviving your teammate. The team which has the highest points will win the match.

Mini-Zone: The location is small, and there is a lot of rush as there are more players in the location.

Quick Match: This is a training match of short duration with a variety of weapons.

Sniper Training: In this 15-minute Sniper training, you can practice playing by trying Sniper Rifles. It is available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (UTC).

3. Evoground

This has four zones

The Deathmatch: Even if you die, you are alive again. The teams get one point when a player kills one enemy.

Zombie Infection Mode: All groups are divided into Defender and Zombie. The Defender can kill the Zombie and turn the zombie defender into a zombie. If the Zombie destroys the Defender, then the Zombie is Go. If the Defender remains alive till the end, it remains the Defender.

Zombie Darkest Night: This zone comes at night when you must avoid fighting and stay safe with your teammates.

Zombie Survive Till Dawn: Zombies attack the players at night. You have to kill enemies during the day and keep safe from zombies at night. If you manage to remain alive for two nights, then you win.

Frequently Asked Questions (People Also Ask )

Here, we have answered a few questions that everyone asks frequently

1.How Can I Get Unlimited UC On PUBG Mobile?

– If you download PUBG Mobile Mod APK from this website, you can get unlimited money and UC in this game. You can use them to buy clothes, skins, etc.

2.What is PUBG Hack APK?

The PUBG Hack APK is a cracked version of the original PUBG App. It contains all the premium features just like that on the original app. 

3. Why Should I Download This PUBG Mod APK?

If you want to play a game with your friends and family, we suggest you play PUBG. This game is a war-based game, which also teaches you the power of teamwork. It has a wide variety of features like WallHack, Aimbot, etc. that will help you excel in the game.

4.Can I Earn Money From PUBG?

 Yes, you can earn money, and using that money, you can buy clothes, skins, guns, etc., in the game.

5.How To Download PUBG Mod APK?

Downloading the modded version requires only a few steps. We have already mentioned those steps above.

Wrapping It Up

PUBG Mobile Mod APK is a great way for you to escape your boredom. You will be able to enjoy all the high-end and extraordinary features of the original app for free.

Playing this game with your friends and family can be one of the best ways to stay connected with them. So, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones as well!

Happy Gaming!

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